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Alaska Youth for Environmental Action is unveiling our new Youth Organizer position for 2011-2012. Youth who would like to lead AYEA Chapters are required to apply. Other youth who would like to lead individual (non-chapter) projects are invited to apply as well.

Download a PDF of the YO postition description

Youth Organizers (“YOs”) will commit to the following responsibilities:

Plan and lead a project under the theme of Wild Alaska Salmon

  • Eligible project types include but are not limited to the following: education, community organizing, scientific research, or policy change (school, tribal, community, state-level)
  • Project must be youth-led
  • Project must have adult supporter/ partner

Participate in AYEA Leadership Trainings

  • YO must attend AYEA’s Fall Project Planning Summit (in Palmer, Aug/ Sept 2011)
  • YO must either attend AYEA’s Civics & Conservation Summit OR nominate another teen to attend (held in Juneau, AK in March 2012)


  • Raise funds to cover 50-100% of travel expenses to AYEA trainings.
    Note: AYEA staff will provide fundraising support but will not be able to provide as many travel scholarships as we have in the past

Support each other

  • Communicate regularly with the 9 other YOs, sharing ideas, asking each other for support and guidance, etc. The group will determine how they want to communicate with each other after the Fall Summit (facebook, teleconference, etc)

Communicate with AYEA staff

  • Send monthly updates to AYEA Program Coordinator. 2-3 sentences about their work over the past month for staff to share in our e-newsletter, website, and facebook
  • Share photos at least every other month

Evaluate & document their work

  • Complete the online project evaluation survey when their project is completed
  • Keep track of the steps they do to carry out their project so that future AYEA teens can duplicate their efforts!


  • Share the project’s success with their community and with AYEA!

Youth Organizers (“YOs”) will receive the following benefits:

Plan and lead a project under the theme of Wild Alaska Salmon

  • YOs will have the opportunity to plan and lead their own project with the support of AYEA staff and a local adult mentor
  • Hands-on opportunity to learn the steps and skills needed to complete a successful community project

Guaranteed opportunity to attend AYEA Leadership Trainings

  • AYEA’s Fall Project Planning Summit (in Palmer, Aug/ Sept 2011) includes sessions on holding effective meetings, working with the media, outreach, public speaking, etc
  • AYEA’s Civics & Conservation Summit (Juneau, AK in March 2012) includes sessions on understanding Alaska’s political system, influencing legislation, messaging, and meeting with their legislators

Fundraising Skills

  • AYEA staff will provide support to help YOs develop skills in fundraising to cover travel expenses for AYEA leadership trainings
  • AYEA staff may provide up to 50% of travel costs for YOs who have high travel costs and have shown good effort in raising funds

Diverse support network of youth from across Alaska

  • YOs will build relationships with teens from diverse backgrounds (rural and urban), building cross-cultural understanding and learning about issues affecting their communities

Statewide promotion of YOs project

  • AYEA staff will help YOs promote their project by sharing it on our e-newsletter, website, and facebook pages. We will also provide them with tools to share their project with the media.
  • When the project is finished, AYEA staff will archive and share the project template so that future AYEA teens can duplicate the YOs efforts!

Strong adult advocates, who will support YOs in their lives

  • AYEA staff and volunteer adult mentors will provide support to YOs as individuals

Letters of recommendation, award nomination, job recommendations

  • AYEA staff and volunteer adult mentors will nominate select leaders among the YOs for prestigious statewide and national award recognition
  • Staff will provide letters of recommendation as requested for jobs, college, etc

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