Order Your Copy of AYEA’s “Recipes for Alaska’s Food Future” Today!

Click here to order your copy of AYEA’s “Recipes for Alaska’s Food Future!” All funds raised through the sale of the food book will go towards supporting the continuation or startup of local food projects proposed by AYEA teen members from across Alaska.

“Recipes for Alaska’s Food Future”, started by AYEA’s Fairbanks chapter, is a youth-led, statewide project . The food book compiles recipes, stories, photos and artwork that highlight Alaskan teens’ regional and cultural connections to local food, while providing teens the opportunity to actively ensure the persistence of food resources, as well as their food heritage. In a state where local food resources are defined not only by agricultural resources, but by wild, subsistence resources, teen members of AYEA seek to educate and advocate for local food resources on the Last Frontier.

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