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Become a part of Alaska’s most inspiring, youth-driven, action-oriented network for change!

Any youth age 13-18 is encouraged to become an AYEA member. Members have a range of opportunities to develop skills, mentor other youth, and shape AYEA’s future.

Groups of youth can form AYEA chapters and create their own centers of youth environmental action. We also welcome adult allies to mentor youth on projects/campaigns, trainings, and chapters. Get involved today!


Join AYEA and become part of an inspiring, action-oriented network of youth.

General Members:

  • Can plug into our action opportunities and campaigns
  • Gain access to an awesome network of organizations, mentors, & youth leaders
  • Receive job, scholarship, and action resources through Green Teen News
  • Can apply to come to AYEA’s Leadership Trainings
  • Sign up for AYEA’s e-Newsletter to stay in the loop about upcoming actions!

Youth Organizers:

  • AYEA has 10 Youth Organizer positions for teens who are ready for an intensive leadership experience.
  • YOs attend AYEA”s Fall Project Planning Summit
  • Lead projects for the school year
  • Read more about the Youth Organizer position. Applications due in July each year.

“Although I haven’t been a member of AYEA long, it has had a profound influence upon the way I think, and how view my place in society. AYEA has helped me realize that although I’m not old enough to vote, I have a say in the issues facing our society, and an impact on my community.” -Kate Backstrum, AYEA member in Anchorage

Need Help?

Contact AYEA Program Manager Megan McBride at (907) 830-3022  or staff(at)ayea(.)org


Join AYEA and become part of an inspiring, action-oriented network of people making Alaska a better place!

AYEA’s success relies on the positive support of our volunteer Adult Mentors!

Adult Mentors:

  • Must be at least 18 years old and out of high school
  • Must support youth voice and enjoy working with teenagers
  • Receive training, youth engagement, and action resources
  • Must commit to a background check for working with minors
  • Apply today to be one of AYEA’s 10 Adult Mentors for the 2011-2012 school year

Additional Volunteer Roles:

Chapter advisors: Adults can support their local AYEA chapter by attending chapter meetings, providing support and feedback on chapter activities, connecting youth to environmental resources in the community, and facilitating healthy youth leadership development within a chapter. Read more about current chapters

Adult Trainer: AYEA coordinates several inspiring, action-packed trainings annually. Training Mentors assist with overall training coordination and facilitation and get to travel with AYEA to our state capital, nation’s capital, and sometimes, international locations! Read more about AYEA Trainings

Statewide Advisory Group (SWAG) Mentor: AYEA receives statewide direction and support by a youth-adult Statewide Advisory Group (SWAG). We seek Mentors that can participate in bi-monthly planning meetings and attend one face to face retreat with youth allies each year. Read more about SWAG

Sign up for AYEA’s Green. Teen. NEWS! to hear about upcoming volunteer opportunities!

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