Internship Positions Available

We are are currently looking for volunteer interns to help with the following projects in 2013. Rolling deadline. Open until filled. APPLY HERE

** Civics Summit Curriculum Development **

We have piles of workshops and activities that need to be compiled and organized into a training curriculum binder for the Civics Summit training team.  The final product for this internship will include facilitation resources and workshop outlines for sessions on environmental education, political education, and leadership skill building. The intern would develop skills in curriculum development, environmental educational theory and practice, and design skills. Ideal time= Jan-March

** Civics Summit Coordination **

AYEA’s annual leadership summit brings 20 teens to Juneau for an intensive week-long training in understanding the legislative system and advocating for our environment and communities. This internship will coordinate the summit logistics, including recruiting and selecting youth applicants, helping youth prepare for the summit, arranging travel, collecting registration, and assisting with the workshop preparation. Potential for intern to participate in Summit in Juneau, March . Ideal time= Jan-March

** Summer Fundraiser Coordination **

This intern will be the main coordinator for this event, which would include organizing a committee of volunteers, hosting regular planning meetings, soliciting donations of food and auction items, and coordinating the event program to include teen and grad speeches. The intern would also work with staff to invite supporters to come and to ask particular supporters to make significant donations. The intern would gain skills in event planning, volunteer coordination, and asking for donations. Ideal time= March – June

** Salmon Organizer **

This intern will work with AYEA’s parent organization to engage young adults in advocating for our wild Alaska salmon. The focus of this internship will be outreaching at events and on campus to recruit new volunteer activists to take action for salmon. The intern will work with staff to lead civic action and environmental education workshops for young adults, focused around salmon advocacy. Ideal time= May – August

** Anchorage Teen Outreach **

AYEA wants to increase its connections with youth in Anchorage. Over half of the state’s teens live in this city and there are great opportunities to connect with other partner programs and reach out to teens. This intern will build relationships with partner programs, recruit teens to join AYEA, and then organize a group of teens to lead civic action and environmental education workshops for other youth. Ideal time= May – August

** Your project idea! ** If you have a different project in mind, talk to AYEA staff about it.


Qs? Contact Megan McBride, AYEA Manager,  mcbridem(at)ayea(.)org

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