Fireweed Academy Receives Some Food for Thought from HAYEA

This year, teens from the Homer AYEA Chapter (HAYEA) spent their time educating young children (grades k-2) about the benefits of local food.

Led by HAYEA chapter chair and AYEA Youth Organizer Adella Sundmark, the teens put together a fun, creative, and accurate presentation about what can be grown in Alaska, where to buy local food  in Homer, and the benefits that local foods have on health, community, and the environment.

In May 2012, the group gave their presentation at Fireweed Academy. The HAYEA teens were shocked to realize how much the elementary school children already knew and how excited the kids were about learning more about local food! Nearly every time the teen presenters asked a question, almost every single student had their hand waving frantically in the air with the answer.

After the presentation, HAYEA visited the brand new Fireweed Garden, where the kids learn about growing local food right at school.

“I am really glad we chose to work with such a young age group because to them, everything is exciting. They are at an age when school is about learning to be a part of a community, which is the perfect time to learn about local food and the world we live in,” said Adella.

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